M23 pre-ship activities have been officially completed as of May 24, and OSDU Milestone 23 (M23) is now available.

Our pre-shipping team has been instrumental in delivering the testing results, and we extend our deepest gratitude to them. We would also like to recognize and acknowledge all project teams for helping us to deliver yet another successful milestone.

Release Highlights (for Consumers)

We have prepared a short summary for business context of M23 improvements.

Data Concepts: M23 also continued work in improving and extending Data Platform coverage for the following data types.

  • Reference Value Lists:
    • The update simplifies schema management by renaming Reference Value workbooks to include only the major schema version, making minor or patch changes more convenient. The OSDU Data Platform will always provide the latest schema version.
    • Additionally, schemas moved under PPDM Governance (e.g., WellboreOpeningType and PressureMeasurementType) now use PPDM descriptions and curated reference values. Several lists previously under PPDM governance are now governed under OPEN governance, including AgreementType and DocumentType. The update also corrects Energistics mappings for ExternalUnitOfMeasure and includes changes like the renaming of FluidContactType for consistency and extensions for HeaderKeyName without deprecations.
  • Enabling successful Indexing: The latest update addresses indexing issues for CementJob records and large dataset size values. CementJob records were previously unindexed due to deprecated properties, now resolved with schema updates that include type declarations. Additionally, dataset size values exceeding 32-bit capacity caused indexing failures, which have been fixed by changing the data format to int64. Consequently, all related dataset schemas have been updated to ensure compatibility with these changes, as detailed in the migration guides. This ensures better indexing and data management for M23.1 and beyond.
  • Well Delivery: Initial creation of StimulationJob and StimulationStage based on WITSML StimJob. StimJob is split into two separate entities with individual schemas, which are linked.

Core Services: M23 includes general bug fixes and enhancements in core services

  • Search: Added autocomplete feature to enhance search functionality
  • Schema: Delivered updated data definitions for M23.1
  • Storage: Introduced a feature to purge old record versions
  • Legal: Improved legal tag management by catching expiring tags and enabling query capabilities
  • Entitlements: Enhanced GetGroups API with role information and added an API to count members
  • Policy: Implemented audit logging and upgraded FastAPI
  • CRS Conversion: Improved CRS conversion by allowing explicit transforms
  • Schema Upgrade: Service is now in incubator stage

DDMS: M23 includes many general bug fixes and enhancements in DDMS

  • Seismic DDMS: Added new information endpoints and fixed several issues to improve data handling
  • Rock and Fluid Samples DDMS: Updated various schemas and added integrity validation

Ingestion Services: M23 includes general bug fixes and enhancements in ingestion services and DAGs

  • External Data Services (EDS): Improved filter capability for scheduled data transfer (from provider to Operator). Also added enhanced logic for referencing incoming data to related (parent) objects ex; Welllog to wellbore
  • Ingestion Workflow: Added an endpoint for easier integration with Airflow

Consumption Zones: Upgraded codebase to JDK17 and enhanced deployment support and documentation

Release Details

Below, you will find the full release notes with all new features, bug fixes, and enhancements, and known issues and gaps found during pre-ship testing.

All new features, bug fixes and enhancements are documented here: M23 Release Notes · Wiki · OSDU Software / Governance / Project Management Committee · GitLab (opengroup.org)

Known issues and gaps found during preship testing are recorded here: Tickets · OSDU Software / Pre Shipping · GitLab (opengroup.org)

Thank you once again for your contributions.