Create and test edge-to-cloud system in edge lab

Why OSDU Edge? 

Since 2020, OSDU has been incubating an edge solution architecture and reference stacks which enable interoperable, open, and manageable platforms at the edge.

Open platforms for the edge provide a multi-vendor landscape for edge operations and edge-to-cloud use cases: process monitoring, process control, site awareness, process optimization and analytics.

One of the critical challenges for the openness and interoperability for the edge is the enterprise-readiness —  can it be deployed at-scale across thousands of remote sites: secure, manageable, and maintainable over time?   Can hardware be swapped, SW suppliers be changed, innovations deployed?

Why does OSDU need an Edge Lab?

The technologies for industrial edge are evolving and maturing in all layers of the stack HW, infrastructure SW, application runtime, system management, and application lifecycle. OSDU Lab will provide a space for all community participants to provide their open and standards-based technology concepts and components into the lab — to push them to the limits, refine them, to gain visibility and acceptance, and enable the OSDU to converge on a robust and enterprise-ready set of standardized functions, interfaces, and behaviors for the OSDU Edge.