Who we are

The Open Group OSDU® Forum provides a vendor-neutral environment for the development of open standards and utilizes the global reach of The Open Group to build awareness, recognition, and adoption

Energy companies face two defining challenges; surviving at a time of unprecedented low energy prices and managing the transition over the coming decades to a lower carbon environment. At the heart of most company’s strategy is embracing the revolutionary transformation technologies taking us forward in the data driven era.

The first, foundational step to open the door to greater progress is the need for common data platform architectural design under pinning how our industry works with its data.

Data that is easy to find, easy to use, and easy to trust will help open the doors to larger opportunities to improve the way we work. The industry must reduce finding and lifting costs to remain competitive in this environment. The OSDU Data Platform reduces costs, breaks down data silos, enables innovation and brings data together in one location.

The OSDU Forum is an industry forum that enables the Energy industry to collaborate on the development of transformational technology to support the world’s changing and evolving Energy needs.

A critical value of the OSDU Forum is to work openly and transparently. In decision making, all Members of the OSDU Forum are treated equally regardless of size or type. Each Member’s Focal Point should participate in the Forum’s decision making which is carried out using the OSDU Forum’s decision-making process. Members can maximize their influence by actively participating in areas relevant to their organization’s interest.


As a founding member of The Open Group OSDU® Forum, we believe the forum will continue to thrive if collaboration, contribution and the desire to drive innovation remains at the forefront. The OSDU Data Platform offers the energy industry and its partners a vibrant open-ecosystem to unlock the value of data so that we can all make smarter decisions faster. We look forward to seeing where the passion of 1,200+ members takes us.