OSDU Application Developer Training


The OSDU Forum is pleased to announce the availability of our developer training for OSDU Data Platform compatible applications. We see it as an important task to make the OSDU Data Platform  ‘’accessible’’ for any application developer since it is vitally important for any platform that there is a rich set of applications available. For that reason, we have created a starter training set for software developers which is now available. The training will give developers a good starting point (it will not go into every detail of the platform) and therefore we regard this course as a ‘’must’’ for anyone developing applications on top of the OSDU Data Platform.

Of course, we welcome comments on the material. Please send feedback to OSDU@epam.com

Have fun!

OSDU Data Platform Overview

An overview of OSDU Data Platform, reference materials, principles, functional architecture, OSDU goals and more.

OSDU Data Platform Core APIs

Learn about the OSDU Core APIs and how to use them. This module consists of six sub-modules. Click on the icon on the right to view the sub-modules.

OSDU Data Platform Data Life Cycle Lab

Learn how to implement OSDU APIs with this Quick Start App. Use it’s frontend and see how APIs are called on the backend by watching the logs on your local computer.

OSDU Data Platform DDMS

In this section we are going to introduce Domain Data Management Services or DDMSs – these are the services of the platform that provide the optimized, type-safe and domain specific access to the data in the platform. They carry semantics not possible in a generic APIs, making them a powerful tool for application developers who want the very best performance and scalability for accessing data.

Seismic DMS

Learn about the specifics of Seismic DMS

Wellbore DMS

Learn about the specifics of Wellbore DMS

OSDU Data Platform Ingestion Workflow

Learn how to load and ingest data into OSDU Data Platform. Learn manifest based ingestion approach. An introduction to DAG development and an example of the process to ingest a LAS file into the OSDU Data Platform.