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The OSDU Data Platform is the innovative choice for developing upstream technology

The OSDU Data Platform is the innovators choice for developing upstream technology.


For students looking to develop their data science or Petrotechnical software skills, the OSDU Data Platform provides access to a broad set of tools and data that allow you to focus more on problem solving and less on the maintenance tasks of data and platform management.


For professors, the OSDU Data Platform provides the perfect environment to develop your coursework, materials, set exercises, and challenges for your students.


For researchers, the OSDU Data Platform allows you to engage directly with industry, contributing to and solving real-world problems by generating your own IP or being part of the Open Source community and helping to develop the most ambitious technology for energy ever conceived.

The OSDU Forum is committed to supporting the adoption of the Open Source OSDU Data Platform by the academic community. We see great opportunities for academia to accelerate their research initiatives whilst preparing the next generation of Engineers and Scientists to use the Energy Industry’s premier Open Source data platform. Further, we welcome students and academic institutions alike to participate in the development of the OSDU standards and Open Source community development projects.

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