The OSDU Catalog

The OSDU Catalog allows users to rapidly discover and engage with the wide range of products and solutions available in the OSDU ecosystem. The OSDU Catalog is one of the fastest ways to learn about and get started with the products available on the OSDU Data Platform. It is your single source of all available OSDU Certified platforms, and applications, (AI) services, data sets, and training materials available that utilize OSDU standards.


The Training Category in the OSDU Catalog provides you with an up-to-date list of available training courses and services ranging from developing an application for the OSDU Data Platform to the usage and implementation of the OSDU platform for your business.


The Models Category provides a list of all available services to enhance the usage of your OSDU Data Platform using Artificial Intelligence (AI) models, Machine Learning models and other algorithms against your data sets.



Looking for data sets to run or test your applications against? The Data Category in the OSDU Catalog will provide you with a list of available data sets that you can load into your OSDU Data Platform.



The Consulting section of the OSDU Catalog provides you with a list of Consulting Companies, System Integrators and Applications Service Providers that can support you during all phases of the implementation of your OSDU Data Platform, applications and services.



Here you can find any application or service that is provided by Independent Software Vendors (ISV) or as Open Source and is compatible with the OSDU Data Platform.



The OSDU Platforms Category provides a list of currently available OSDU Data Platforms in the market. Ranging from large dedicated Cloud Service Provider solutions to ready to use SaaS implementations of the OSDU platform.