Organization Overview

Platform Functionality

Platform Functionalities include all the key activities required in making a code release.

Testing / Platform Validation


Release Management

Audit and Metrics

Reference & Helper Service

The Reference & Helper Services provide generic capabilities (e.g. Units of Measure & CRS), which are needed by many other services.

Coordinate Reference System Conversion & Catalog Services

Unit Service

Schema Upgrade

Consumption Services

OSDU Data Platform resource and content data can be consumed via a read-only consumption zone. The data in this consumption zone is synchronized with (commonly a subset of) the data platform and optimized for specific purposes.

Geospatial Consumption Zone (GCZ)

Domain Data Management Services

Domain Data Management Service (DDMS) is an OSDU specific definition and capability. It is a component of the OSDU Data Platform that facilitates business data (content included) access to the relevant applications and processes in an optimized manner.

Seismic DDMS

Wellbore DDMS

Well Delivery DDMS

Reservoir DDMS

Rock & Fluid Sample DDMS

Production DDMS Core

Production DDMS Historian

Platform Capabilities

Platform capabilities provide additional business functionality.

Project & Workflow Services

Realtime Services

Core Services

To deliver and maintain the core services (including helper services) supporting the continuous delivery of OSDU workflow and dataflow oriented services.

Core Services

Data Security Entitlement & Obligation (E&O)

Community Utilities

Community Utilities are additional functionailty that assist with the useability of the Platform, These Utilities are not included in the OSDU Data Platform Releases.

Admin UI

Admin CLI

Community Implementation

The Community Implementation (CI) is a cloud agnostic version of the OSDU Data Platform

Community Implementation (Code Refactoring)

Working Groups

Data Definitions & Modeling

The Data Definitions & Modeling named working group is responsible for coordinating and delivering all schema definitions work and data definitions related services and artefacts.

Named Working Group (NWG) Chair:

Pierrick Gaudin, TotalEnergies

Group Lead:

Pierrick Gaudin

Group Lead Company:


Ongoing discussions (Slack):

Not Available

Group Homepage (Gitlab):

Not Available

Core Concepts

Core Concepts Business Decision

PPDM Integration


RAFS – Fluids

RAFS – Rocks

RAFS – WellLogs Extension

Well Delivery

Reservoir Modeling

Reservoir Management

Reservoir Management Well Pressure Tests




Test Data

Business Model & Outreach


Comms & Outreach

Risk Management

Events Planning


Business Capability Maturation

The Business Capability Maturation named working group, aims to accelerate adoption of the OSDU Data Platform by ensuring alignment between the needs of Member organisations and the capabilities provided by the OSDU Forum. The group focuses on accelerating adoption of the OSDU Data Platform by mapping connections between the detailed capabilities of the OSDU Data Platform, the needs of application developers /vendors and the business processes of Operators supported.

Named Working Group (NWG) Chair:

Ian Betts, Shell

Group Lead:

Tim Hunter-Rowe and Anne Tremko

Group Lead Company:

Shell, bp, and Thoughtworks

Innovation Marketplace

Enterprise Architecture

The Enterprise Architecture (EA) named working group is responsible for coordinating architectural decisions, providing processes and best practices, and delivering decision-support artefacts for the OSDU Data Platform. It is the main synchronisation call for the EA subcommittee. It focuses on how we work, key architecture topics, progression and maintenance of our Work Products.

Named Working Group (NWG) Chair:

Jane McConnell, Spinning Yarns Ltd

Group Lead:

Jane McConnell

Group Lead Company:

Spinning Yarns Ltd

Data Architecture

The Architecture Advice Forum

Software Architecture

EA Technical Docs

Information Security

Develop and maintain requirements and processes that increase the security of the OSDU platform.

Named Working Group (NWG) Chair:

Desman Bolden, Chevron

Group Lead:

Desman Bolden

Group Lead Company:


Operational & Functional Security