OSDU open source community

The OSDU Forum supports development of open source projects based on the OSDU Data Platform

Open source development and the creation of supporting communities brings together the brightest, most talented people to build more secure solutions, and enable businesses to grow and thrive. The OSDU Management Committee (OMC), through the Open Governance theme, is committed to defining and establishing a governance framework that encourages growth and the sustainment of the OSDU open source community, and supports contributors in building a reliable and secure reference architecture to easily access upstream O&G data.


We recognize that thriving communities are the core of successful open source projects. Therefore, our purpose is to establish and instantiate open source ideals and principles as the foundation for a productive and progressive open source development community that upholds meritocracy and contribution over special interests. In pursuit of this, the OMC will recommend and help guide the implementation of governance policies, processes and tooling that:


  • Establish and strengthen OSDU Member and contributor trust in the process
  • Encourage contributors to engage and contribute improvements/changes
  • Avoid unnecessary processes and bureaucracy whenever possible
  • Create guidelines for a transparent decision making process
  • Clearly communicate how contributors can be engaged
  • Maintain adherence to open source standards and principles


Additionally, we will implement a code of conduct as a guide to support constructive conversations and contributions, create clear guidelines and friendly README documentation to make it easy to contribute, create a blog post to recognize and thank key contributors, set up office hours to offer help and guidance, and continue to promote the OSDU project and the community.

Our decision to open-source and contribute OpenVDS to the OSDU Forum provides a unique opportunity to shift the industry behind the most efficient and cost-effective way to store and use seismic data.


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