OSDU® R3 Milestone 21 is now released

M21 pre-ship activities have been officially completed as of November 23, 2023 and OSDU Milestone 21 (M21) is now available.

Our pre-shipping team has been instrumental in delivering the testing results, and we extend our deepest gratitude to them. We would also like to recognize and acknowledge all project teams for helping us to deliver yet another successful milestone.

Release Highlights (for Consumers)

We have prepared a short summary for business context of M21 improvements.

Data Concepts: Continued work in improving and extending Platform coverage for the following data types.

  • Gravity, Magnetic: Work started for this data type. Initial release includes Master data Gravity Magnetic Survey details) and related Reference data.
  • Seismic: Added support for Seismic 2D line geometry.
  • Rock and Fluid Sample analysis: Delivered first batch from major effort to combine Rock and Fluid Samples: This release publishes relevant Master, Reference and Work-product Component entities.
  • Well: Enhanced entity for Well Completion (Isolated interval) significantly.
  • Reservoir: Enhanced two important entities Reservoir and ReservoirSegment.

Core Services: M21 includes many general bug fixes & enhancements in core services.

  • Policy Service: Improved audit and tracing.
  • DDMS: M21 includes many general bug fixes & enhancements in DDMS.
  • Wellbore DDMS: Added capability of timing information as part of response.
  • Seismic DDMS: Enhanced sdutil (utility to copy file into Seismic DDMS Store) and also Domain API related to file handling.
  • Reservoir DDMS: Supports large size object.
  • RAFS DDMS: Support for new “analysis types” were added to the v2 SampleAnalyses endpoints. Added a new GET content schema endpoint.
  • External Data Services (EDS): Improved filter capability for scheduled data transfer (from provider to Operator). Also added enhanced logic for referencing incoming data to related (parent) objects ex; Welllog to wellbore.

Release Details

Below, you will find the full release notes with all new features, bug fixes, and enhancements, and known issues and gaps found during pre-ship testing.

All new features, bug fixes and enhancements are documented in the release notes below: https://community.opengroup.org/osdu/governance/project-management-committee/-/wikis/M21-Release-Notes

Known issues and gaps found during preship testing are recorded here:


Thank you once again for your contributions.