Outstanding contribution award winners

By Ash Patel, Marketing Specialist, The Open Group

During The Open Group Houston Summit in November 2023, Steve Nunn, President and CEO, The Open Group, Patrick Kelly, Product Line Manager Subsurface Data & Insights, Chevron, and Michael Cleminson, Global Innovation Manager, SLB-OMC, along with Dennis Stevens, Program Director, OSDU Forum, The Open Group, proudly announced the winners of The Open Group OSDU® Forum Awards.

The full list of award winners can be found below:

Category – Community Impact

The OSDU Members recognized for this Community Impact Award brings together the strengths of our diverse Members and through collaboration skills enables the community to achieve progress.  These individuals have demonstrated the selfless actions that are required to make an Open Community successful and the OSDU Forum stronger.

  • Daniel Perna, EPAM
  • Kamlesh Todai, The Open Group Invited Expert

Category – Strength of Standards

The OSDU Members recognized for the Strength of Standards Award drives consistency and alignment through their insight and knowledge.

  • Linda Bragg, PPDM
  • Chris Hough, BP

Category – Technical Excellence

The OSDU Member recognized for the Technical Excellence Award Technical demonstrates acute technical acumen and / or technical leadership that supports the successful delivery and roadmap for the OSDU Data Platform.  This individual consistently brings their knowledge to the team that enables progress and excellence in their technical team / group.

  • Adam Singer, ExxonMobil

Category – Outstanding Contributor

The OSDU Member recognized for the Outstanding Contributor Award demonstrates strong growth in terms or participation and contributions to the OSDU Forum.  This individual exemplifies the goals of the Forum and shares new ideas and perspectives that have contributed to the overall success of the Forum.

  • Juliana Fernandes Araujo, lesBrazil Partners

I caught up with some of the Award winners (Daniel Perna, Chris Hough, and Juliana Fernandes Araujo), after the ceremony, where they spoke about how they felt winning their respective awards.

Daniel Perna, one of the winners of the Community Impact Award:

“It was an honor to be recognized for Community Impact. Thanks to those who nominated me! I’m pleased that I can contribute to gaining a clear and aligned understanding on various questions and approaches in OSDU Forum Work Groups. Solving industry problems is not trivial, and it takes many contributors and perspectives. I’m proud to collaborate with such great people, and that EPAM and I can play a strong role!”

Chris Hough, one of the winners of the Strength of Standards Award:

“I have been working in the data definitions work group for the OSDU Forum since 2019. Understanding the importance of the OSDU Forum to the industry’s need for collaboration, bp has allowed me to spend a large proportion of my time within the OSDU Forum, helping to develop the data standards which I am very passionate about. I was taken by surprise and humbled to have been presented with the Strength of Standards Award. Data standards and definitions form the backbone of the OSDU Data Platform and enable interoperability across the industry.

The existence of this award shows that its importance is recognized, and hopefully raises awareness and interest of those in the industry who could become more involved in contributing to the development of data standards going forward. The strength of representation across the industry is evidence of the importance of collaboration when it comes to the development of data standards for the OSDU platform. Data standards ultimately enable easier exchange of information and result in better business decisions and outcomes. I look forward to continuing to collaborate in this space with my peers and welcome those that step forward to collaborate with us in the future.”

Juliana Fernandes Araujo, winner of the Outstanding Contributor Award:

“Receiving this award was something completely unexpected for me, my objective at the event was to show the work we are developing in Brazil with the OSDU Forum, and this award took me completely by surprise. I have been part of the community since 2021 when IesBrazil became a Member of the Forum, and I started my journey learning about the OSDU initiatives within the preshipping group. Since that moment, I have been fascinated with everything that the OSDU Forum can offer. And over the last 3 years, I have been testing not only new releases through the preshipping group, but new workflows and tools that are part of the OSDU output. This award filled my heart with gratitude to the community and my company, which always supported me unconditionally in the Forum activities.

It also made me more willing to help others, because that’s what the community is, people helping each other to reach a common goal, and just as several Members helped me when I joined the community, I want to help anyone in need within our community. My wish after this award is that I return to our community all the help it has given me, and that I can also help Members develop their technical skills and that together we can develop the full potential that the OSDU Forum offers.”

Finally, congratulations to all those who were nominated and to the winners of the OSDU Member Awards.