OSDU® R3 Milestone 22 is now released

M22 pre-ship activities have been officially completed as of January 26, and OSDU Milestone 22 (M22) is now available.

Our pre-shipping team has been instrumental in delivering the testing results, and we extend our deepest gratitude to them. We would also like to recognize and acknowledge all project teams for helping us to deliver yet another successful milestone.

Release Highlights (for Consumers)

We have prepared a short summary for business context of M22 improvements.

Data Concepts: Breaking group-type changes for Reports and Tubular components. M22 also continued work in improving and extending Data Platform coverage for the following data types:

  • Earth Modeling/Reservoir Domain: Adding support for detailed lithology and depositional environment classification at the level of geological units
  • Legal Agreement Domain: New schema to support documenting a well license and its life cycle with relationships to business associates. The data model has been developed in collaboration with PPDM
  • Reservoir Management: New attribute to capture Remarks
  • Rock and Fluid Sample Analysis: Completion of the unified sample model, including sample acquisition covering any type of rock or fluids sample
  • Seismic Domain: Updating SeismicFault to relate to 2D or 3D interpretation set
  • Well Domain: Minor corrections and change of governance for BitType
  • Well Delivery: Reports and Tubular components schema group-types are re-classified. This is a breaking change for existing consumers for these group-types

Core Services: M22 includes general bug fixes & enhancements in core services

  • Search & Indexer Service
    • AsIngested coordinates are now indexed and available as search response
    • Create field for case insensitive search: this will enable searching that is much like SQL “LIKE” queries
    • New mechanism to search for words in a record regardless of where it appears in the record

DDMS: M22 includes many general bug fixes & enhancements in DDMS

  • Wellbore DDMS: Simplified cache schema fetch to improve schemas compatibility
  • Seismic DDMS: New v4 is now available
  • RAFS DDMS: Completed migration of v1 schemas to v2 and general improvements to correlation logging and full integrity validation for v2
  • Reservoir DDMS: General performance improvement and support of large XML documents transfer

Ingestion Services: M22 includes general bug fixes & enhancements in ingestion services & DAGs

  • External Data Services (EDS): Improved filter capability for scheduled data transfer (from provider to Operator). Also added enhanced logic for referencing incoming data to related (parent) objects ex; Welllog to wellbore

Consumption Zones: GCZ is now fully graduated capability with new data types and improved security

Release Details

Below, you will find the full release notes with all new features, bug fixes, and enhancements, and known issues and gaps found during pre-ship testing.

All new features, bug fixes and enhancements are documented here: M22 Release Notes · Wiki · OSDU Software / Governance / Project Management Committee · GitLab (opengroup.org)

Known issues and gaps found during preship testing are recorded here: Tickets · OSDU Software / OSDU Data Platform / Pre Shipping · GitLab (opengroup.org)

Thank you once again for your contributions.