Getting started with edge applications

Get Started  The OSDU Edge Lab is open for teams of OSDU member companies to collaborate to demonstrate use-cases that can take advantage of the advanced open edge platform architecture and tools and to evolve the open platform capabilities.  The process starts with a Project problem statement (a hypothesis) and a team which has participation of at least one Operator member.

End-to-End Architecture  The End-to-End architecture for the Project should include the edge environment (e.g. onshore or offshore well site, wind turbine or field, etc.), operational control center on-premise systems (e.g. SCADA), and the OSDU Core data platform. The project may not immediately implement all pieces of the end-to-end architecture but should address the data flows and functionality and usages for the data at the edge, in the operational control center, and when aggregated to a OSDU Core and DDMS.

Edge Architecture Open platforms for the edge provide a multi-vendor landscape for edge operations and edge-to-cloud use cases: process monitoring, process control, site awareness, process optimization and analytics.  Projects can build upon the OSDU Edge reference architecture (using microservice container technologies and tools, shared resources, common protocols, etc.) and reference implementation stacks and edge management tools built with and upon open-source components such as the Linux Foundation projects EVE and Fledge, the Open Edge Insights project, Red Hat Linux, Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, and the Zededa Platform.

Plan Proposal Once the Project Team has a plan, the access to the Edge Lab begins with the Project Intake Form.  In addition to the problem statement and the team description, the Intake Form contains information to guide the allocation of lab resources and allows the Lab Operational Committee* to flag any possible resource conflicts, or resource gaps (between what is needed and what is available), and finally to identify the support requirements from the reference stack suppliers, the operations team of the OSDU, and the lab host (Chevron).

OSDU Edge Application Development  When developing applications for an open edge platform, the developer environment can be as important as the base software infrastructure running on the edge device.  The OSDU Edge community offers developer resources including code repository, CI/CD pipeline patterns and examples, and tools for deployment of all layers of the edge software stack.  Depending on the edge reference stack selected, the available shared resources of the edge device include field protocol microservices, efficient on-device message bus for process control and analytics, database, analytics framework, and northbound protocols suitable for cloud and SCADA connectivity.

Deploy to Lab on Reserved Machines Servers in the lab are available to host tools for deployment or your artefacts to the machines.  Technologies are available in lab for the full secure device lifecycle including Federated Device Onboarding, custom OS definition and deployment, and container management.

Connect to OSDU Core An active area for development is the selection of protocol and data-model combinations to connect data from OSDU Edge to OSDU Data Platform with various usage modes, data patterns, and domains in mind – whether streaming of video, telemetry for production operations, streaming of drilling telemetry, batch data exchanges, state information for a site, etc.

Test and Demonstrate As the Project progresses, the remote access tools and the Utility machines are available to implement protocol test patterns, complex emulation of real-world scenarios, security penetration tests, and many other testing needs. Insights from the project can come in many forms including best practices for app development, performance of platforms on machines of different classes, security or manageability of the reference platforms, and to improve the design of the Applications under development.

Because the Lab is shared resource, demonstration to peer companies of the OSDU is straightforward.

Share The Lab is shared resource making it straightforward to share findings and improvements to peer companies of the OSDU.

Iterate Iterate as needed.

Publish and Commercialize The OSDU provides options for marketing the Applications created using the Edge Lab.