The Open Group

The Open Group works with customers and suppliers of technology products and services, and with consortia and other standards organizations to capture, clarify, and integrate current and emerging requirements, establish standards and policies, and share best practices. The Open Group OSDU Forum Management Team ensures openness of discussion, interoperability of forum work products, no legal impediment to implementation, confidentiality of deliberations, and consensus driven decision making.

OSDU Forum Program Director: Dennis Stevens

Associate Forum Director & Forum Support: Amanda Bonin

Forum Capabilities

Forum capabilities address operational assets of the forum, those used to deliver services to the Community and Platform Projects, and alignment with the Industry needs through policies, procedures, and requirements for implementation of the OSDU Platform

Platform Capabilities

Platform capabilities address the technical solutions that provide open interfaces, services, data models, and the required assurance of fit and function

Focal Points

The Focal Points are led by a Chair and Vice Char and have representatives of all Member companies responsible for strategic decision making and voting on OSDU Forum matters and representing their organizations interest. Focal points can be contacted through Slack, and the full list can be accessed here.

Forum Chair: Patrick Kelly (Chevron) Forum Vice Chair: Jane McConnell (Spinning Yarns)
2 Year term | Aug-23 – Aug-25 1 Year term | Feb-23 – Feb-24

OSDU Management Committee (OMC)

The OMC is the 11-member tactical decision-making committee elected by the OSDU Member Focal Points to oversee the OSDU Forum.

Shared Backlog

The Shared Backlog contains all Open Source, Community, and Forum projects chartered as aligned to Capabilities. This allows for transparency and alignment of the roadmap, priorities, and progress. It also provides for ticketing of Bugs, Questions, Changes, and Ideas.

Working Groups

Working groups are established to enable collaborative definition of requirements, standards, practices, priority, roadmap, community alignment and progress toward platform and forum goals.

Project Management Committee (PMC)

The PMC governs software projects contributing to the development of the OSDU Data Platform under an Open-Source Model.


Dennis Stevens

OSDU Forum Program Director

Steve Philp


Steve Nunn

President and CEO

Amanda Bonin

Associate Forum Director & Forum Support

Susan Harper


Andras Szakal

Chief Technical Officer

Mike Hickey

Membership Director

Loren Baynes

Media Relations

Judy Cerenzia

Director of Forum Operations