Updated 10 August 2022

Project Name Project Lead CompanySlack Channel DescriptionGitlab Link
Audit and metricsSrinivasan Ramamoorthi | Vishal SabharwalLTI | Halliburton#audit-and-metrics metrics and audit
CO2 Storage (CCUS)Jane WheelwrightDGI#2_1_7_3_co2_geological_storage #osdu_ccus
Core Concepts RevisionThomas Gehrmann | James PipeSchlumberger | Chevron#2_0_0_data_definitions Core Concepts stream aims to address, review, build some transverse capabilities shared by the whole (or at least several) data definitions domains (such as any abstract structures or properties).
Core Services Chad LeongSchlumberger#10_1_r3_core_services deliver and maintain the core services (including helper services) supporting the continuous delivery of OSDU workflow and dataflow oriented services.
CSV Ingestion Fernando (Nahu) RubioSchlumberger#0_0_r3_ingestion workstream focuses on the ingestion of Comma separated value formatted data
Data DefinitionPierrick GaudinTotal Energies#2_0_0_data_definitions Definitions subcommittee responsible for coordinating and delivering all schema definitions work and data definitions related services and artefacts.
Data Definition - Reservoir/Earth ModelAlice ChanvinEmersonThe Reservoir/Earth Model group is built to provide the data description required by the overall “Reservoir Modeling” workflow (from the initial geological model to the final reservoir simulation) as a support of the Reservoir DDMS.
Data Definition - SeismicKeith WallShellFinds the right subject matter expert input to Seismic definitions, establishing the different JSON-schema components to ensure consistency throughout the schemas.
Data Definition - Well DeliveryKimberley BrosnanChevronThe Well Delivery group is set up to provide the overall data definition to support the well delivery process, from conceptual to execution from planning.
Data Definition- Petrophysics & SamplesJenni LaRue ChevronThis group objective is to provide the data definition to support the integration of the overall “Samples” domains/concepts in OSDU.
Data Ingestion ServicesDevendra RawatAccenture#0_0_r3_ingestion supporting the ingestion and enrichment of data
Data Prep and LoadingChad LeongSchlumberger#2_2_2_r3_data_loading of procedure documentation and where possible supporting (Open Source) to load data into the OSDU Data Platform and support the Technical Data Manager who is responsible for that data.
Energistics/WITSMLMark Farnan Bardsz#2_6_1_energistics of the WITSML ingestion workflow
Entitlements & ObligationsMohammad Malekmakan | Hrvoje MarkovicPetronas | Schlumberger#3_1_data_sec_entitlements_obligations workstream focuses on the authorization mechanisms involved in granting access to data
External Data Services (EDS)Ashish SaxenaAccenture#1_7_connected_external_data_sources for connecting, indexing, and accessing data from external data sources
Geo Spatial Consumption ZoneBrian Boulmay | Joel RomeroESRI | Chevron#proj-geospatial-consumption-zone and Delivery of Geospatial index and map services
GeomaticsLillian FlakesGeoSoftware#5_0_geomatics_integration and Delivery of Geospatial index and map services
Geothermal Service DevelopmentTBD
Hydrogen Development ServicesTBD#2_1_7_4_hydrogen and deployment of Hydrogen Energy services
Marketingsite & MarketPlace Ramon BouterCGI Group Inc#4_2_marketing updated capabilities and information for the OSDU Website
Multi Region DeploymentAlok KumarShellTo deliver the requirement & techniques for managing OSDU Data Platform in an enterprise setting, including replication between multiple regional deployments.
OpenVDSMarius Storm-OlsenBluware#2_2_1_native_dataformat is a specification and an open-source reference implementation of a storage format for fast random access to multi-dimensional (up to 6D) volumetric data stored in an object storage cloud service.
EdgeSashi GunturuPetrabytes#8_4_edge_tiger_team and deployment of operational OSDU Edge services
OSDU-RT-KafkaSunil GargdataVediK#osdu-kafka Realtime (Streaming) data infrastructure with Kafka
Platform and App CertificationAndre MosleyChevron#1_5_standards_documents #1_4_conformance_cert intent of OSDU Certification is to deliver a program which enforces the product standards & requirements as defined by the OSDU Forum, in order to ensure uniformity amongst all implementations of OSDU products.
PPDM Integration (Standards Integration)Trudy CurtisPPDM#2_1_9_ppdm-integration aim of PPDM integration group is to leverage the corpus of PPDM (resulting from years of standardizing efforts) to improve the Data Definition of OSDU, in collaboration with “domain based” existing DDSC’s streams.
PreshippingDavid Glass BP The Open Group#1_1_1_pre-shipping Preshipping project in OSDU Forum is setup to represent the interest of the consumers, (majorly energy companies and Operators) thereby, solely focusing on performing end-user validation activities for each Milestone prior to being released into production for the wider open group community.
Production DDMSAditya KotiyalSchlumbergerDevelopment and deployment of operational Upstream Production services
Production FacilitiesTBDHalliburtonThis group is focusing on providing a data definition to support the Production MVP2 requirements. It will focus on providing support for facility entities involved in the production of a reservoir. The ambition is to start implementing CFIHOS specifications into OSDU model.
Release ManagementVishal SabharwalHalliburton#release_management and deployment of operational OSDU configuration release management
Reporting, Dashboards, VisualizationTBD#1_6_reporting_dashboarding_and_visualization is the responsibility of the Reporting and Dashboarding project to ensure that connecting to data in the OSDU platform is quick, simple, and performant for dashboarding and reporting purposes.
Reservoir DDMSMarcus ApelEquinor#6_1_reservoir_ddms Data Domain Management Service (DDMS) is the development of a domain data mgmt. service for handling interpretation and reservoir grids in OSDU
Search improvementsTBD#1_1_2_osdu-search
Seismic DDMSSacha BrantsSchlumberger#10_2_r3_seismic_ddms Seismic Data Domain Management Service (DDMS) provides a single consistent path to access and store seismic data objects, regardless of the domain workflow.
Shared BacklogNick PickusChevron#0_0_shared_backlog the creation of a shared backlog for data platform services beyond the Mercury Release of the OSDU Data Platform, which helps teams make their work transparent and aligned with the overall platform vision.
Solar Farm Development ServicesJing ZhangSchlumberger#2_1_7_2_solar and deployment of operational OSDU Solar Farm services
Test DataKeith Wall Øivind BerggrafShell Equinor#2_3_test_data the availability of some real data sets to use in OSDU development and testing as well as reference implementations.
Testing (Platform Validation) Vaibav Kumar Kamlesh TodaiInfosys Halliburton#1_8_platfrom_validation_workstream of the OSDU Testing Suite (part of E2E OSDU Testing Suite pgm)
Ticketing SystemNick PickusChevron#0_0_shared_backlog and deliver a OSDU Forum sponsored Ticketing tool supporting the shared backlog listings
Well Planning DDMSAndrei LonescuSchlumberger#2_1_1_well_delivery planning Data Domain Management Service (DDMS) is the development of services for handling well construction related domain data in OSDU
Wellbore DDMSGisele SouzaSchlumberger#10_3_r3_wells_ddms Data Domain Management Services (DDMS) is one of the several backend services that comprise Exploration and Production (E and P) software ecosystem. It is a single, containerized service written in Python that provides an API for wellbore related data.
Wells Data Foundation (OSDU and Engineering data)Einar LandreEquinor#8_5_wells_data_foundation Operational and Engineering data to optimize well planning, design, development, and execution.
Wind Farm ServicesDavid SmithBaker Hughes#windfarm-services and deployment of operational OSDU Wind Farm services