Partner with a cloud hosting provider

To increase availability and easy installation of your application make sure to work with one of the OSDU cloud service providers (CSP) to have your app integrated, validated, and listed on their cloud marketplace. From the Catalog you can link to the various CSP marketplaces so customers will have a one stop shop to search for your application and easy access to the various CSPs.

The process to get your application integrated, validated, and listed on the CSP marketplaces will differ per cloud service provider. Start in time preparing for this.

CloudEntrance to start selling through CSP Marketplace
Google Cloud Plataform (GCP)

Learn how to list your products on Google Cloud Marketplace for Selling on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Microsoft Azure

Follow this Publisher Guide to get your solution published on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

Access the IBM global community of partners, clients, and developers by listing your offering on the IBM Marketplace and Cloud Catalog. Start Selling

Amazon Web Services

You can access the full AWS Marketplace Seller Guide here.