OSDU Standards


PMC: Open Source Software Projects | Raj Kannan

The PMC governs software projects contributing to the development of the OSDU Data Platform under an Open Source Model.

Project Manager & Committers

The project managers and committers are responsible for the day to day progress, code quality, and submission.


Contributors support the development of the OSDU Data Platform reference software and delivery to the Committers

Core Services | Chris Zhang

To deliver and maintain the core services supporting the continous delivery of OSDU workflow and dataflow oriented services.

Manifest Ingestion | Alan Henson

To deliver the requirement & techniques for managing OSDU Data Platform in an enterprise setting, including replication between multiple regional deployments.

OpenVDS | Marius Ostrom

OpenVDS is a specification and an open source reference implementation of a storage format for fast random access to multi-dimensional (up to 6D) volumetric data stored in an object storage cloud service.

Seismic DDMS | Celina Marcolino

Provide a single consistent path to access and store seismic data objects, regardless of the domain workflow.

Wellbore DDMS | Gisele Souza

Wellbore Data Management Services (WDMS) Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) is one of the several backend services that comprise Exploration and Production (E&P) software ecosystem. It is a single, containerized service written in Python that provides an API for wellbore related data.

Entitlements & Obligations | Hivoje M

This workstream focuses on the authorization mechanisms involved in granting access to data

Admin UI | Sourabh Roy

Various parts of OSDU have functions with a need for an OSDU admin person to make changes to the settings. This tool exactly helps facilitate that.

Data Flow | Chris Zhang

To deliver the data flow services of OSDU supporting the ingestion and enrichment of data.

CSV Ingestion | Fernando Rubio

CSV Ingestion

Multi Region Deployment | Brian Kirkland

To deliver the requirement & techniques for managing OSDU Data Platform in an enterprise setting, including replication between multiple regional deployments.

R3 Program Manager | Nick Pickus

This project is used to manage the activities related to delivering the OSDU Data Platform at a program level.

R3 Program Lead | Ash Sathyaseelan

Reference System

The Reference Workstream provides the environment in which OSDU artifacts (i.e. items which are contributed to the OSDU Forum) are created and made available to the community. The OSDU project follows the “everything as code” principle, so this is landscape support code, infrastructure definition scripts, and documentation, etc.

Application Dev Training

Preparing and organizing paid instructor-led events boot-camps), community source code repositories (tutorials), and community documentation that is relevant for the Developers using the platform.

Information Security

Provides the overall security principles, architecture and guidelines for a secure and compliant data platform.

Data Definitions

Data Definitions subcommittee responsible for coordinating and delivering all schema definitions work and data definitions related services and artefacts.


The Marketing and Communications goal is to drive open collaboration via transparency across all workstreams and clear value propositions for all stakeholders through cohesive marketing and communications.

External Data Sources

Digitally facilitate communication between operators and data suppliers to transparently incorporate external data into the operator’s OSDU platform.

Data Loading Improvements

Generation of procedure documentation and where possible supporting (Open Source) to load data into the OSDU Data Platform and support the Technical Data Manager who is responsible for that data.

Energistics Integration

Ensures OSDU platform can ingest and produce standard format files.

Geomatics Integration

Geomatics Integration endues geomatic data accuracy and lineage considerations with regard to the OSDU Data Platform.


Defines the R3 Testing plan ensuring coverage of defined use cases for OSDU APIs and data workflows, scalability and performance testing of OSDU APIs on multiple platforms, report test results efficiently, participate in the choice and setup of testing tools and execute R3 testing and result reporting using defined test data.

Reporting & Dashboarding

It is the responsibility of the Reporting and Dashboarding project to ensure that connecting to data in the OSDU platform is quick, simple, and performant for dashboarding and reporting purposes.


The intent of OSDU Certification is to deliver a program which enforces the product standards & requirements as defined by the OSDU Forum, in order to ensure uniformity amongst all implementations of OSDU products.


The Documentation project Determines all required documention, Provide best practices, processes, and infrastructure to each team that will develop documentation and work with the Workstreams to ensure that their document deliverables are available for “publication” in the technologies/solutions determined by The Open Group and OSDU Project Management.

R3 for Smaller Operators

Ahead of the OSDU R3 release, this project is focussed on outreach activities with the aim of better understanding the needs and attitudes of a market segment broadly categorized as ‘small operators’.

PPDM Integration

Establishes a framework for sharing and collaborating (ex. new rules created by the OSDU Forum should be donated back to PPDM) and aligns with Data Definitions Committee on the support for the adoption of PPDM standard concepts, reverence values, data rules and object definition.

Test Data

The Test Data Project gets hold of some real data sets to use in OSDU R3 development/testing as well as reference implementations aiming for data sets that have an OSDU representative data footprint in one or several areas e.g. well and seismic data in the same geographic location.

Operators Ops Procedures

Provides a system operations framework to ensure a continuously well performing OSDU platform through proactive monitoring, logging and alerting. In addition, support the recovery of the platform in case of a catastrophic system failure by defining Disaster Recovery Procedures.

Operator Onboarding

The Operator Onboarding workstream focusses on the business and operational preparation activities operators should perform to migration to the OSDU Data Platform