OSDU Data Platform Delivery Org


Shared Backlog | Bryan Pate, Tim Hunter-Rowe

Supports the creation of a shared backlog for data platform services beyond the Mercury Release of the OSDU Data Platform, which helps teams make their work transparent and aligned with the overall platform vision.

Enterprise Architecture | Johan Krebbers

Responsilble for the overall technical architecture of the OSDU Data Platform and consistent usage accross the various subcomittees and workstreams.

Ticketing System | Senthil Rajendran

Develop and deliver a OSDU Forum sponsored Ticketing tool supporting the shared backlog listings

Documentation | Yemi Olusem

The Documentation project determines all required documentation and ensures that their document deliverables are available for publication

Geomatics | Lillian Flakes

Development and Delivery of Geospatial index and map services

OSDU Engineering | Johan Krebbers

Develop and delivery of standardized engineering activities such as Helicopter Resource Coordination (HRC).

Wells Data Foundation (OSDU and Engineering data) | Moray Laing

Integrate Operational and Engineering data to optimize well planning, design, development, and execution.

Common Code Architecture | Johan Krebbers

Multi Region Deployment | Kateryna Kurach

To deliver the requirement & techniques for managing OSDU Data Platform in an enterprise setting, including replication between multiple regional deployments.

OSDU Edge | Sashi Gunturu

Development and deployment of operational OSDU Edge services

Real Time | Sunil Garg

Geo Spatial Consumption Zone | Brian Boulmay, Joel Romero

Development and Delivery of Geospatial index and map services

Admin UI | Pankaj Singh

The Admin User interface (UI) focuses on the authorization mechanisms involved in granting access to data

Automated Testing Suite | Vaibhav Kumar, Kamlesh Todai

Defines the Release testing plan ensuring coverage of defined use cases for OSDU APIs and data workflows, scalability and performance testing of OSDU APIs on multiple platforms, report test results efficiently, participate in the choice and setup of testing tools and execute Milestone testing and result reporting using defined test data.


OSDU CCUS | Jane Wheelwright, Chris Hough

Development and deployment of operational OSDU Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage services

Data Ingestion Services | Ben Lasscock

Services supporting the ingestion and enrichment of data

External Data Services (EDS) | Ashish Saxena

Support for connecting, indexing, and accessing data from external data sources

Seismic DDMS | Sacha Brants

The Seismic Data Domain Management Service (DDMS) provides a single consistent path to access and store seismic data objects, regardless of the domain workflow.

Reservoir DDMS | Marcus Apel

Reservoir Data Domain Management Service (DDMS) is the development of a domain data mgmt. service for handling interpretation and reservoir grids in OSDU

Wellbore DDMS | Gisele Souza

Wellbore Data Domain Management Services (DDMS)  is one of the several backend services that comprise Exploration and Production (E and P) software ecosystem. It is a single, containerized service written in Python that provides an API for wellbore related data.

Well Planning DDMS | Andrei Lonescu

Well planning Data Domain Management Service (DDMS) is the development of services for handling well construction related domain data in OSDU

Production DDMS | Ravi Chandran

Development and deployment of operational Upstream Production services

Wind Farm Services | David Smith

Development and deployment of operational OSDU Wind Farm services

Audit and metrics | Srinivasan Ramamoorthi, Vishal Sabharwal

Operational metrics and audit

Real Time Services | Sunil Garg

Development and deployment of operational OSDU Kafka (realtime)  services

Geothermal Service Development | TBD

Solar Farm Development Services | Jing Zhang

Development and deployment of operational OSDU Solar Farm services

Hydrogen Development Services | Still to be started

Development and deployment of Hydrogen Energy services

Business Architecture | Ron Clymer

Document and analyze the business architecture of a typical E&P company and necessary components of business associates to capture and communicate the business value of the OSDU Data Platform to the oil and gas community.

Reporting, Dashboards, Visualization | TBD

It is the responsibility of the Reporting and Dashboarding project to ensure that connecting to data in the OSDU platform is quick, simple, and performant for dashboarding and reporting purposes.

Platform and App Certification | Andre Mosley

The intent of OSDU Certification is to deliver a program which enforces the product standards & requirements as defined by the OSDU Forum, in order to ensure uniformity amongst all implementations of OSDU products.

Information Security | Desman Bolden

Data Definition | Pierrick Gaudin

Data Definitions subcommittee responsible for coordinating and delivering all schema definitions work and data definitions related services and artefacts.

Core Concepts Revision | Thomas Gehrmann, James Pipe

The Core Concepts stream aims to address, review, build some transverse capabilities shared by the whole (or at least several) data definitions domains (such as any abstract structures or properties).

Well Delivery | Kimberley Brosnan

The Well Delivery group is set up to provide the overall data definition to support the well delivery process, from conceptual to execution from planning.

Seismic | Keith Wall

Finds the right subject matter expert input to Seismic definitions, establishing the different JSON-schema components to ensure consistency throughout the schemas.

Petrophysics & Samples | Jenni LaRue

This group objective is to provide the data definition to support the integration of the overall “Samples” domains/concepts in OSDU.

Production Facilities | Mark Crawford

This group is focusing on providing a data definition to support the Production MVP2 requirements. It will focus on providing support for facility entities involved in the production of a reservoir. The ambition is to start implementing CFIHOS specifications into OSDU model.

Production Report | James Pipe

This group is focusing on providing a data definition to support the Production MVP1 requirements. It will focus on providing support for Time Series in an OSDU context for production facts (forecast, actual volumes injected and/or produced, allocation and related reporting schedule).

Reservoir/Earth Model | Alice Chanvin

The Reservoir/Earth Model group is built to provide the data description required by the overall “Reservoir Modeling” workflow (from the initial geological model to the final reservoir simulation) as a support of the Reservoir DDMS.

WindFarms | Pierrick Gaudin

Test Data | Keith Wall, Ø.Berggraf

Ensure the availability of some real data sets to use in OSDU development and testing as well as reference implementations.

PPDM Integration (Standards Integration) | Trudy Curtis

The aim of PPDM integration group is to leverage the corpus of PPDM (resulting from years of standardizing efforts) to improve the Data Definition of OSDU, in collaboration with “domain based” existing DDSC’s streams.

Real Time Data | TBD

DWIS | Darryl Fett

Energistics Integration | TBD

Ensure OSDU platform can ingest and produce standard format files.

Business Capability | Ian Betts

Business Model & Outreach | Ian Betts

Focuses on marketing & communications, attracting new markets and memberships

Marketingsite & MarketPlace | Ramon Bouter

 Provides updated capabilities and information for the OSDU Website

University Outreach | Dennis O'Neil

Supporting Universities and Students with access to OSDU Data Platform facilities.

Training | Kevin Clark

Develop and deliver Training courses

NOC Outreach | Denis Prokofev

National Energy Companies (“NOC”) Outreach Team aligns interests and position of NOCs in Open Energy Data Universe (OSDU) consortium in driving forward consortium strategy and shared back log to meet the needs of NOC community.

Communications | Steve Philp

The Marketing and Communications goal is to drive open collaboration via transparency across all workstreams and clear value propositions for all stakeholders through cohesive marketing and communications.