OSDU Hydrogen Services

The OSDU Forum will enable new business and operational opportunities for Hydrogen Services

Provisioning of operational Green Hydrogen Generation services whereby all relevant data is loaded in the OSDU Data Platform and therefore accessible for all applications running on top of the OSDU Data Platform. Applications are outside the scope of the OSDU Forum project. First focus is Hydrogen Generation services and later Supply services.

(November 2021) Status

Service development started late 2021: We are working with various parties (GPN, Equinor, TNO, Accenture, etc.) to get to a proper definition of these services.


MVP1 to go live in 2022 (too early to give a more precise date).


The OSDU Forum has seen remarkable growth over the past two years since we officially debuted in September 2018. This growth tells us that the industry is hungry for digital and we are happy to be building a foundation for transformation!